State and Federal Criminal Law and Crimmigration Law

In 2011, DMCA officially opened the firm’s criminal defense section to begin a new chapter in providing true criminal defense and “crimmigration” representation. Our criminal defense attorneys work with DMCA’s immigration attorneys to evaluate a non-citizen’s criminal charges in an effort to provide a criminal defense which focuses on maintaining our clients' immigration status.

For those non-citizens facing deportation or inadmissibility as a result of prior convictions, our attorneys carefully design a defense plan tailored to the specific criminal charges. We have obtained dismissals or pleas that have reduced or eliminated the chances of deportation. In cases where our non-citizen clients have already suffered from prior convictions, our team has obtained a growing list of reversals, through post-conviction representation, which has salvaged the legal status of individuals and families with life-long ties to the United States.

While non-citizen clients may find competent representation by retaining separate criminal defense and immigration counsel, DMCA provides both, eliminating the problem of having a criminal defense lawyer resolve a criminal case without a proper understanding of the immigration consequences of that resolution for the client.